Pool Fencing

PTF is a leading provider of Temporary Mesh Fencing, Temporary Pool Fencing, Hoarding and Crowd Control Barriers

Temporary Pool Fence Hire in Perth

Temporary pool fencing is required by law during construction of a swimming pool or spa, before it is filled with water until a permanent pool fence has been erected.

Perth Temporary Fencing's panels offer a non-obtrusive temporary option until a permanent fence can be installed. Our fences exceed all current pool fence standards, ensuring that all fencing requirements are met while helping to eliminate the worry of accidents. We also have self-closing pool gates, which provide a convenient and safe entry point to your pool area while the Temporary Pool Fencing is being used.

Our pool safety fencing is designed to:

  • Provide adequate security during a pool construction period
  • Prevent children from accessing dangerous areas
  • Create a barrier for any excavation prone to containing water
  • Prevents access to unauthorised areas./li>


  • Overall size 2300x1350mm posts
  • 32mm ODx2.0mm, rails 25mmODx2.0mm, uprights
  • 14mm ODx1.0mm, all pipes, all pipes hot dipped galvanised after welding
  • Centre distance between uprights 100mm, top and bottom leg 90mm

Quality Temporary Fencing for Safety and Security

As a law requirement, pool fencing has a multitude of safety benefits, protecting families from unexpected accidents and companies from costly hazards. Even in smaller, shallower pools, fencing creates a necessary barrier for people coming in and out of the area, dictating which areas should be approached with caution and which areas are safer to walk on.

Perth Temporary Fencing is a leading company serving Perth communities and businesses for whatever fencing they require. In terms of temporary solutions, we can supply you with crowd control fencing for events, hoarding fences and temporary mesh fencing for construction companies. We take pride in providing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing fences that offer a number of functions and benefits. Trust us to equip you with a top-notch solution along with a dedicated, friendly team ready to discuss your options. Contact us online today to get a quote on your temporary pool fence hire needs, or call us to discuss your options.

Complies to Australian Standard A.S. 1926.1-2012 Swimming Pool Safety