Pool Safety Fence Perth

PTF is a leading provider of Temporary Mesh Fencing, Temporary Pool Fencing, Hoarding and Crowd Control Barriers .

Sturdy and Enduring Temporary pool fencing in Perth

Pool fences hold indispensable importance for those houses that have swimming pool areas. These fences just don’t provide security to the children, but also lift the overall appearance of the outdoor area.

At Perth Temporary Fencing, we can help you get professional, prompt and dependable Temporary pool safety fence in Perth. We pride ourselves on being Australia’s front-running Temporary fencing company that embarks on providing its clients the safest fencing products including:

  • Crowd control fencing
  • Crowd control Barriers
  • Temporary Pool safety fence
  • Temporary Hoarding Fence
  • Temporary construction fence

Pinnacle of style and strength

PTF’s Temporary Pool safety Fences in Perth are exquisite yet sturdy. These fences are made using durable material that can withstand weather extremities and wear tear of the daily use. Their strength and endurance make them the best option to add a sense of security to your pool area as well as add a touch of style to it. Additionally, we embark on providing our clients the unobtrusive standards and flexible solutions for your pool construction project.

Required By the Law

When it comes to the pool construction project, temporary fencing is required by the law. Spas and swimming pools that are under construction need to be covered with temporary fencing, before being filled and installed with permanent pool fences.

We embark on supplying our clients, non-obtrusive temporary solutions for pool fencing. Being tough, these are the best fencing options to ensure the safety of the people around the construction site.  They meet and exceed the highest pool fencing standards to alleviate the worry and for ensuring the ultimate peace of mind.

Apart from Temporary pool fences, we also supply Self Closing Pool Gates. This helps us provide a convenient & a safe point of entry to the pool area from temporary fence.

Perth temp Fencing Pool Safety Fences are designed to:

  • Ensure safety of the people working at the pool under construction
  • Restrict children accessing prohibited areas
  • Block any excavation that can retain water
  • Block the access to unauthorised areas


Overall posts size 2300x1350mm
Uprights rail size 32mm ODx2.0mm,  25mmODx2.0mm
Pipe size 14mm ODx1.0mm
Distance betweenTop and bottom leg 90mm
Centre distance between uprights 100mm

All our pool fencing products comply with the Australian Standard A.S. 1926.1-2012. This ensures ultimate Swimming Pool Safety, utmost satisfaction and a peace of mind.

Relish unsurpassed sense of security at a competitive price. Call the experts at Perth Temporary fencing for Temporary Pool Fencing. We aim to provide you a service based on quality, affordability with the professional installation and supply service.