Temporary Hoarding Rentals Fence Perth

PTF is a leading provider of Temporary Mesh Fencing, Temporary Pool Fencing, Hoarding and Crowd Control Barriers .

Temporary Hoarding Fence Hire

Temporary Hoarding fence in Perth

Relish temporary hoarding solutions in Perth. At Perth Temporary Fencing, we embark on designing pioneering modular systems manufactured using only 100% recyclable polypropylene with timely installation and removal.

Our temporary hoarding Fences in Perth are designed using best quality temporary fencing. These frames are filled with the polypropylene Core Flute Sheet for effective support and protection of the worksite. We ensure that the fence remains standing and secure, once installed. The panels are fitted with temporary fence stays that provide support in high wind situations. These fences are made by using high density polypropylene plastic sheets that aren't just supporting the fence, but also give it a clean and exquisite finish.

Get The Most Practical, Affordable And Robust Temporary Hoarding Fences In Perth At Perth Temporary Fencing. These Hoarding Systems Are Fast To Install And Easy To Dismantle

PTF temporary hoarding fences offer:

  1. Flexible assembly.
  2. Safe and durable Temporary hoarding.
  3. Even and exquisite customer-facing front.
  4. Opportunity for displaying graphics either printed or vinyl attached.
  5. Resistant to wear and tear and can be used many times over the years.
  6. Seamlessly fit the landscape of the site.
  7. Easy to install.
  8. Light to handle.
  9. UV resistant panels.
  10. Hold competitive edge over timber and steel hoarding.

Get hardy and aesthetically pleasing Temporary Hoarding Fence in Perth for security and visual block out. Get in touch with Perth temporary fencing for timely and affordable fence supply and installation service

PTF embarks on offering temporary fence rentals that cover you for:
  • Commercial Applications
  • Large Industrial Worksites
  • Festivals
  • Major Annual Events
  • Sporting Events

Relish the highest level of convenience and the ultimate peace of mind with Perth Temporary Fencing interlocking Temporary Hoarding Fence Perth

PTF interlocking crowd Hoarding Fence comes with clamp connectors. These connectors ensure that the fence stays upright in a cold stormy night. Our top quality fences can also be used as crowd control barriers, preventing the inline breakthrough of the crowd.

Our expertise is not limited to Temporary Hoarding Fences. We embark on stocking crowd control barriers, Temporary Mesh Fencing and temporary pool fencing. Moreover, all our products comply with the Australian Standard AS 4687-2007 and are designed to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

PTF Temporary Hoarding Fence panel has the following dimensions:

Dimension Size
Wire Diameter 4.0mm
Mesh Size 150x60mm
Frame Tube 32x2.0mm
Length 2.4m
Height 2.1m
Welded Every 3 wires
Galvanization Hot dipped galv. steel
Corflute infill 1.8m x 2.4m x 5mm

These hoarding panels have blow  molded plastic feet. These plastic feet are made using UV and anti-aging added HDPE. The bases are filled with concrete and has the following dimensions:

Width 230mm
Height 150mm
Length 611mm
Weight 30-32 KG

Relish the expertise of fully trained and OHS accredited staff

Our staff is comprehensively trained and has OHS accreditation for carrying out safe installation and removal of temporary hoarding fences, when the project is completed. Being the member of HIA, PTF is fully insured for Public Liability ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Enjoy the sense of freedom and security. Get in touch with the experts at PTF for all your temporary fencing requirements.